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Educational Tall Ship Sets Sail

This weekend, I celebrated the launch of the Matthew Turner, an educational tall ship build entirely from wood and constructed over the past four years entirely by volunteers. I was honored to serve on the board of directors of the Educational Tall Ship in its earliest days and it's a project with special importance to me personally. 

As a result of my volunteer service to the board, I was able to get to know Alan Olson, the visionary man behind the idea to build this ship to connect young people to the water-- “We want them to learn about the powers of nature, like the wind and the sea” -- I applaud his vision and success as an transformative force for future generations in the Bay Area. 

Watch this informative video about the project and be sure to see the ship near the Bay Model in Sausalito!


Building a Ship, Building a Community

For the past year or so, I've been serving on the Board of Directors of the Educational Tall Ship Project - a special project meant inspire people to celebrate and experience the rich maritime history of the Bay Area, learn about and preserve our delicate ecosystem, and provide life-changing experiential learning opportunities for youth of all backgrounds, now and for generations to come.

The mission of the Educational Tall Ship Project is to construct a historic and sustainable wooden tall ship for the San Francisco Bay Area. The project will provide on the water and shore-based experiential education for students of all ages, both during construction and after completion. Programs will focus on marine ecology, sustainability, teamwork, leadership and the rich maritime history of the Bay Area.

Our goal is to create the most environmentally sustainable working tall ship ever built. In fact, our goal is to operate on a completely carbon neutral basis. A few of our sustainable features include:

  • Construction: All construction methods, materials, and equipment for the project will be selected with attention to their suitability for design functions, esthetics and the environmental impact of producing these materials and equipment as well as what happens at the end of the use cycle.
  • Education: Our goal is to turn the construction project into a vibrant, interactive learning experience in which youth and broader community are inspired about learning and take ownership of their own education. The educational program will combine natural and nautical curriculum elements to empower the next generation of sea stewards.
  • Operation: Day-to-day operations are designed to minimize energy and water use with a waste management system that will repurpose, recycle and reduce waste. By using LED lighting, induction cooking and low energy navigation and appliances, we will use less than 50kWh per day. Producing and storing enough energy from just four to six hours of sailing can achieve energy self-sufficiency.
  • Propulsion: The ship will produce her own energy and propulsion needs through a state-of-the-art hybrid system using wind power to produce electrical generation. By combining technologies from the 19th and 21st centuries—skipping over the petroleum era—ETS will become a unique teaching tool that can inspire appreciation for past boat building designs while utilizing innovative technology solutions to construct a truly green sailing ship.

I am thrilled to report that the board, staff, and Sausalito community have agreed upon a construction site and the project is set to begin!  Learn more about our progress from the press release below.

Educational Tall Ship Project
Sausalito, CA


December 14, 2012

Sausalito Planning Commission Approves Bay Area Non-Profit’s Plan to Construct First Wooden Tall Ship in Almost 100 Years

(Sausalito, CA) - Imagine the graceful lines of a wooden Tall Ship, an echo of San Francisco’s rich maritime heritage, tacking her way under the Golden Gate, appearing out of the fog under full sail like a 19th century ghost. On her decks and aloft are Bay Area youth of all backgrounds and abilities working and learning together, sailing her confidently, their faces bright with a sense of adventure and achievement.

Supporters of The Educational Tall Ship for San Francisco Bay (ETS), a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that is constructing the first ever sustainably built and operated “Living Ship” in North America, celebrated Wednesday evening after the Sausalito Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve their proposed construction site at Marina Plaza, 2330 Marinship Way. Members from the community, including site architect, Michel Rex, Director of Richardson Bay Maritime Association and Executive Director of Call of the Sea, Charles Hart, expressed their support for the project, but from the comments made by each member of the commission, it didn’t seem necessary. “What really impressed me was how very supportive each person was when they spoke about what the project will bring to our working waterfront”, said ETS Executive Director, Alan Olson. “Our goal has always been to make this a community project and we were all moved by the support expressed by the Planning Commission and the community members who came to speak”, Olson said.

The vessel will serve as an outdoor education platform for Bay Area youth serving an additional 10,000 students every year, expanding  existing on-the-water programs offered by “Call of the Sea” a Sausalito based non-profit.  The ship will incorporate old-world technology with a new sail  powered regenerative electric drive system. ETS will employ local, skilled craftsmen as well as apprentices and volunteers to implement the project. Expertise and supervision will be provided by the premier wooden tall ship designer/builders in the country, Tri-Coastal Marine of Richmond CA. The construction process will be open to the public, and volunteers from various backgrounds and age groups will partake in the building of this vessel to truly make it the Bay Area’s Tall Ship.

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Kimberly Kouri
Educational Tall Ship
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