Nonprofit Development

Fundraising & Strategy

Mission: to make the world a better place by working with the nonprofit community to improve lives.

The Fund Raising School
Mission: to teach the historical and philanthropic context, the current issues, and the art and science of fundraising and philanthropy.

Major Giving Initiative
Mission: to provide the tools to begin and improve major gift fundraising.

Mission: to use interactive maps to show relationships between people, businesses and organizations, as well as publish news stories about influential people and their connections to government, business and one another.

Museums and Community Initiative
Mission: to explore the potential for dynamic engagement between American communities and their museums.

Northern California Planned Giving Council
Mission: Mission: to encourage charitable gift planning, promote a wider understanding of charitable gift planning by both non- and for-profit practitioners, and raise the technical skills and professional competence of charitable gift planners.

Partnership for Philanthropic Planning
Mission: to help people and organizations create charitable giving experiences that are the most meaningful in achieving both charitable mission and the philanthropic, financial, family and personal goals of the donor.

Tech Soup
Mission: to provide nongovernmental organizations, nonprofits, libraries, and community-based organizations with the latest professional hardware, software, and services they need.


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